Adding notes to Routines


Is there a way to add a note about an exercise or a routine? Couple things I’m looking to do:

  1. Specify a max % to workout at. So for example, 3 sets of 10 back squats at 70% of my max. How do I put in that I want to do 70% in advance so I know that’s what I should do?

  2. If I do a workout but something feels off, or I was able to go heavier or longer, how do I make a note of that? Is there a way to add a note during a workout?


When adding a exercise to a routine you get to assign an intensity to that exercise. You can combine this with a training assigned within the exercise itself and HeavySet will calculate the weights for you.

You can add notes to each set of a workout. You can do this two ways:

  1. Tap the pencil icon during the workout, find the set and add notes.
  2. When logging the set do a long press on the log set button. This will take you straight to the set editor screen where you can add the notes.


This video discusses a feature I’m adding to the next version for updating training maxes, but before I get into that I demonstrate the training max feature itself.


Thanks for this. Why is trains max an estimate vs your actual max you’ve ever logged?


Training max is whatever you want it to be. Some programs suggest having a conservative training max in order to make gains for longer.

The estimated 1rm is just a formula that predicts your actual 1rm without having to actually test it.


Dan, this is great. When do you think we’ll see this in beta?


I submitted the beta for review earlier today. So anytime in the next 24 hours I would say.


That’s great! Thanks mate :+1:


Dan, love the training max update prompt feature. Great job, mate.