Android no current time


I brought Seconds pro for my ipad and love it
. I needed a second timer so brought the android version.
The apple version seems to have more features, the one i was looking for is setting up the timer display i dont seem to be able to pu the curent time on the display as i do on my ipad. It is critical for what i am doing.
Am i missing something?

I have just started using seconds pro and think it is amazing.
I am using it for a different application, time trilling on boats so I dont no if you would be interested in this feature.
We use it to do approx 10 waypoints with specific times to get between each point.
My idea would be if there could be a place in the settings for a set of timers to tell it what time in hrs mins and secs to start the timer off as we are allotted a specific time we should cross the start line. (It would work just like an alarm clock but start the timer sequence off)
This would eliminate the human error of pushing the start button at the correct second.