Become a Seconds beta tester


At Runloop we always looking for more users to help test out the beta versions.

What’s in it for you

As a beta tester you will get access to regular beta updates with all the latest changes and bug fixes.

What’s required of you

Nothing really. Beta testers are not required to do anything special. All we ask is that you install the beta builds, use the app as you normally would, and report anything out of the ordinary.

Sign up

You can sign up as a beta tester here:

Can you receive audible alerts for Heart Rate
Apple Watch app won't install

we cant test the app


Can you provide more information?


The app dissapear from testflight


Have you signed in as a different user on your device?


Ok, I’ve checked and you weren’t a part of the beta team anyway. I’ve just synced the testers again and you’ve been added.


How do I get to install the Beta Version of Seconds?


You wait until the next beta is released.



I have installed TestFlight, and upon pressing install within the TestFlight app I get a warning;

‘Do you want to replace the current app version with the test version? You may lose the app’s data.’

Is this the case? As I don’t want to lose any of my custom timers…

Many thanks,


There isn’t a new beta for Seconds at the moment. It’s the same version that’s on the App Store. However, this warning is just Apple covering their back. Nothing will happen. However, you can always restore from your iCloud backups or export the timers and install them later. Here’s a video explaining how:


Latest beta has been pretty solid for me.
Mainstream release coming soon?


No, the latest Seconds beta is the actual release. I’m currently working on HeavySet.