Body weight exercises


I am new to both weight training and Heavyset. I really like the app and how it guides/reminds me of routines & exercises. I also much appreciate its ease of use & large fonts.

I am unsure how best to set up body weight exercises such as planks, press ups, pull ups and ab wheel rollouts where there is no weight to enter and the metric I want to track in history & records is ether reps or time.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


This an area I want to improve at some point. Right now there isn’t really a good way to log body weight exercises other than setting the weight to 0. Doing this won’t track volume.


I’m also doing a body-weight routine (, have been setting the weight for each set at my current bodyweight, and have been using rest duration for plank. When doing my routines, I’m not seeing any history. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

Been a fan of Seconds Pro for a while and really like the watchOS implementation. Hoping that HeavySet can make it to Apple Watch soon as well!



You are set to the 1rm/bw setting. Unless you have set a bodyweight within the workouts this will always be 0. This is probably a feature that will be removed as I don’t know if it has much benefit and seems to cause a lot of confusion.


Seconding that a field for duration (not necessarily logging a result, but saying “plank for 30s” or “jump rope for 3 minutes”) would be helpful. The UI is so nice I’m using it to do bodyweight exercises too, and also warmups and cool down cues. We’re all stealing other fields for this, like reps or rest timer.

Also the ability to have a short note like “per side” would be helpful.


I strongly advise not to use the reps field for duration. This could cause issues recording the calculation of records.


Just want to add my vote for recording body weight movements (can even be an on/off toggle) and ability to add the time spent. Sometimes my workouts is reps for time and the only way to record the time is in the note.


Adding my vote as well. A time field/option would be really beneficial