Bug/ Feature gone: Voice over "up next ABC for XX Seconds" gone when importing timers from i5 ver 2.x App to i6 3.x App


Bug/ Feature gone: Voice over “up next xxxx” gone when importing timers from i5 ver 2.x App to i6 3.x App

I just found a bug in export > import of timers from my i5 ver 2.x App to i6 3.x App
Its a possible feature that has changed or has been removed.

Primary reason for me getting Seconds Pro was doing exercises from Gymnastic Bodies program; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHSESdnfpOk
(given that you are into CF you may have heard of him & his prior interaction with CF Founder, Glasman)

Lots of STATIC position HOLD exercises that were TIMED to the second.

** So in 2.x there was a voice announcement **
** “Up next… - “Exercise Name” for “20 seconds” in 3, 2, 1 - Exercise Name” **
** “Up next… - “Exercise Name” for “20 seconds” in 3, 2, 1 - Go” **

I’ve lived on this “pre warning” before “going into” the Static Hold exercises; especially when I have them “sequenced” back to back with intermediate periods.

  • Can you please tell me how to achieve this on the new / latest App versions as I am still using it on my iPhone 5 iOS 9.x?
  • And when importing to my iPhone 6 with latest SPro versions these “voice overs” are not the same and I miss the “timed statics window”

Should I share the timer file & maybe you can tell me how to fix it or have it work in the old way?

Let me know and I will send across the timer as is and you can tell me how to get the old “pre warn” type “voice over” so that I can get ready for my STATIC HOLDS.

PS: I am typing this from desktop as thats easier compared to doing it via SPro App.


PS: I’ve been a long time supporter and proponent of Seconds Pro on various groups, forums and to friends.
I first recommended it on GB forums back in the day


The feature is definitely still there. The alert you require is the Text to Speech with Warning option. It’s possible that there was an issue export/import from the older version. This is a very popular feature. There is no chance of it being removed.


I can share the timer export files from 2.x for your Review & Diagnosis
(Please let me know how to share it from App version 2.x & reference this thread/ issue)

If you can tell me what’s breaking & what I could do to RECTIFY that - Before and/ or after Import- It would be great.


You can in v2 by tapping Edit, selecting the timers and then tapping Share.


@dan - Yes, but that only gives me an email option. I cant seem to post it here to this thread - How would you like for me to

  • connect that email AND this thread ?


Email them to support@runloop.com mention the thread.