Can’t access the upgraded pro seconds app I paid for


I paid for the pro seconds app awhile back and for a long time it was running great, no problem. In the last 2-3 weeks I have been having problems with the audio playlist I selected to go with my workouts. After trying different things I deleted the app and reinstalled it hoping that would help, but now it only gives me the basic seconds app and not the upgraded pro version I paid for. All my workouts and timers I’ve been using the last several months are gone. Can you help with this?


If you are using the same App Store account you should download the same version you previously had. If that was the paid app, download that again for free. If it was the free app, download it again, tap on the upgrade notice and then tap Restore Purchases.

Data is stored within the app. Deleting the app will delete the data along with it. The exception to this is whether you had enabled iCloud Drive and Seconds within your iCloud settings. If this was the case you will be able to restore your timers from the iCloud Backup section within the Settings.


Thanks all your suggestions helped!

I’m now dealing with audio problems- the songs on my playlist that I’ve assigned to my workouts have a huge gap of silence in between them. Yesterday it played 3 songs lasting between 2-4 minutes out of 23 min workout. The playlist has 40 songs with over an hour of music. Any ideas?


Are you using the iOS version?


Yes. I made sure my phone was updated and it’s still happening.


Can you post your app settings?

App Settings


  • App: Seconds (Upgraded)
  • Version: 3.6.6 (build 222)
  • iOS Version: 11.2.5
  • Device: iPhone 7
  • Locale: en_US


  • Share with Health: true

Health Writing:

  • Mindful Session: Denied
  • Basal Energy Burned: Denied
  • Workout: Denied
  • Heart Rate: Denied
  • Active Energy Burned: Denied

Health Reading:

  • Date Of Birth: Denied
  • Active Energy Burned: Denied
  • Basal Energy Burned: Denied
  • Height: Denied
  • Body Mass: Denied
  • Biological Sex: Denied
  • Heart Rate: Denied


  • Using system player: true
  • Alert volume: 1
  • Internal music volume: 1
  • Internal ducking volume: 0.5
  • External ducking: false
  • Vibrate on alerts: false
  • Alert tone: sine


  • Language: en-US
  • Sample text: (null)
  • Pitch: 1
  • Speed: 0.5


  • Lock on play: false
  • Disable auto-lock: true
  • Pause on interruptions: false
  • Hide statusbar: true
  • Long press buttons: false
  • Tap timer to play/pause: false
  • Beep on taps: true
  • Notifications: false
  • Remote control: false

Apple Watch:

  • watchOS Version: (null)
  • Paired: false
  • Installed: false
  • Complication: false
  • Alerts: true
  • Volume: 1
  • Haptic: true
  • Skip Restart Screen: false
  • Pool Length: 25
  • Pool Unit: yd


  • Preparation Interval: {
    "_type" = int;
    color = 0;
    duration = 0;
    halfwayAlert = 0;
    music = {
    "_type" = music;
    persist = 0;
    resume = 0;
    shuffle = 0;
    volume = 1;
    name = “Get Ready”;
    rest = 1;
    split = 0;
    vibration = 1;


Have you made sure that the tracks are downloaded to the device?


Even if I’m in my house and connected to our WiFi?


I don’t want to rule anything out.


I also paid for the Pro version, however, it will only allow me to access the free version. I have already verified with Google (who i purchased through) that the transaction did indeed go through? i have the the transaction # ETC that I can provide showing proof of purchase


There are two apps, they have the same features but are not interchangeable. If you purchase the in-app upgrade this does not give access to the paid app.

Please message me your order number and I’ll verify which you have bought.


I did do the in-app upgrade. I understand that that won’t give me access to the other app, but does it give me the same functionality I would have had I purchased the Seconds Pro directly?



It worked initially but over the weekend using it in my home after downloading the playlist it paused after about 4 songs.


Yes, the two apps are identical other than payment method.


I’m not sure what could be the cause of this. No one else has reported anything like it. Can you demonstrate the issue in a video?


I have the same problem. I paid for upgrade from my free app but it doesn’t work the same as seconds pro.


In what way is it different?


I paid for this app awhile ago and have it on my iPhone. I downloaded in on my iPad recently and can’t restore purchases to the Pro version. Can you please help me out?


I installed on my ipad but it asks for upgrade which i already paid for upgrade on my android phone.