Deleting a workout's set from a history causes a Crash

  • The app does crash when I do delete one set from a workout in the history.

  • Another issue I have noticed that I can’t delete a volume group.



Can you explain how to recreate these issues exactly?


I’m trying to upload a screen recording here but it does not go.
How to upload a mp4 movie here?

And about the second issue, it’s just that I want to remove default or newly created volume group such as Chest or Arms. And there’s no delete option for that.


Ah yes, I see. I’ll add a swipe option to delete these.

I’m not sure why this is. Something weird forum policy I don’t understand I’m sure. For now, email it to


I have uploaded the video to dropbox and here is the link:


Perfect. That’ll be fixed in the next beta.