Features suggestion/requests


Not sure if there is a good place to post suggestions for new features — I’m a beta tester but do not find the option to post a new topic there anymore, so am trying this forum.
In any case, here are three features that at least I would find quite useful. They are mostly relevant for compound timers (which are really the only ones I use on a regular basis).

To be clear about terminology: by “sub-timer” I mean a timer that is part of a compound timer.

  1. Have the option to show the notes for each timer or sub-timer, below/above/aside the corresponding timer. Will be especially useful with compound timers that have quite complex sub-timers in them.

  2. If there is any way for Seconds to announce (using text to speech) the name of a timer / sub-timer before it starts, that would be really helpful. Really only relevant for compound timers where each sub timer has a name of its own.

  3. Buttons to “jump” to the beginning of next sub-timer while the timer is running — that is skipping the rest of the steps in the current timer — finding the beginning of each sub-timer can be quite difficult when running.



All the templates are essentially a convenience for the user. The timer in the app only sees a list of intervals. As such, there is no way for the app to currently know when a sub-timer is starting or at what interval sub-timers start.

The notes is an interesting idea. I’ll keep it in mind as I update the app.


Thanks for considering presenting the notes.

To some extent, though, I think that there is probably a correlation between my suggestion about the notes and ones about the sub-timers, which I understand that many/all of them are not be feasible. I notice that the notes are per timer, not per interval (same goes for warmup, cool down, etc.). So if indeed the app only sees a sequence of intervals (I can see how warmup and cool down can be seen just as intervals), then it looks like presenting the notes will require either incorporate them into each interval, or to do distinguish some intervals as begin/end of a timer/sub-timer. Either way, even implementing just the notes idea will allow the user to see when a new sub-timer begins by setting a different note for each. Just my 2 cents.



I have just started using seconds pro and think it is amazing.
I am using it for a different application, time trilling on boats so I dont no if you would be interested in this feature.
We use it to do approx 10 waypoints with specific times to get between each point.
My idea would be if there could be a place in the settings for a set of timers to tell it what time in hrs mins and secs to start the timer off as we are allotted a specific time we should cross the start line. (It would work just like an alarm clock but start the timer sequence off)
This would eliminate the human error of pushing the start button at the correct second.



Sounds really interesting, Dan, thanks for letting me know.
At the meantime, some other small (well, depending on your implementation) features came to mind.

  1. Browsing existing timers without exiting the programming of another: It would be useful if I could pick an existing timer when building a new one, without needing to exit the setup of the new one every time to do a copy.

Here the basic idea/motivation: I have a small set of sequences (timers) that are used to build most of my “real” timers that I use for actual workouts. I want to be able to quickly paste these sequences when building a new compound timer. What I did so far is created a “segments” directory with a timer for each such commonly used sequence, and whenever I need the sequence, leave the setup of the current timer, copy the particular sequence (that will serve as a sub-timer, and get back to programming the compound timer. It would be much nicer if I could “lookup” existing timers and place them into a compound timer. An alternative would be a copy/paste that allows multiple elements on your clipboard.

A simpler example: custom and circular (sub)timers. Circular timer allows at least one round. But it is often the case that you use the same sequence, sometimes only once, and sometimes 2-3 times, in the same workout. This is yet another example where using the same sequence in two different timers will help (even though I admit that this is a much simpler problem to solve, and it might even already be supported in one way or another).

  1. I brought it up about 6 months ago on a private email before this forum: please, allow us to delete/duplicate a phase/segment without losing the data on our clipboard. That is, a simple delete/duplicate like we have on full timers, but also for phases/sub-timers. The fact that I need to use “cut” for every phase that I need to remove that override whatever my clipboard has makes the setup process much longer — probably a factor of 1.5 or 2 longer when dealing with complex/compound running routines.

  2. [Much lower priority] would be nice to be able to “skip” a few (constant?) number of seconds in a running workout, e.g a +10/-10 which will get you to the next point (similar to the interface for podcast playing). Mostly to be used when the timer and the workout gets unsynchronized for one reason or another. I guess that the step size could be set up in the settings if you don’t want it to be arbitrary. I realize that it requires some more calculating when you only have a sequence of phases with their times, and some thinking of what to do with the “text to speech” phase notifications, but frankly any choice here would be better than not having this option.

Anyway, just food for thought; probably #2 is the easiest to implement and would by itself be really useful.


Commenting about the monetary aspect of adding new features: I realize that many of the suggestions that I make would require quite a bit of effort to implement, and that time worths money. Totally get it, I am familiar with software design and implementation. And am all for the model of built-in-purchaes for features, especially if: 1) it’s not all-or-nothing, i.e. you can pay for certain features, maybe discount for some “feature packs”, etc. 2) it is done via the Apple add-on interface (or similar), i.e. does not require any identification or the risk of providing Runloop with a credit card info that sits on some server. 3) allowing for users to experiment with a feature for a few days before buying it is always a plus, and makes it more likely to get people to pay for it. As I mentioned before, the fact that using Runloop does not require opening an accounts a huge plus for users like me.

Just to be clear that I do appreciate significant improvements via new features, and if useful to me, will be willing to pay for them. Only speaking for myself — I may not be your typical user, though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thought about a cool little trick feature.
Shake phone for it to randomly pick a workout from the current folder you are in…???


It would be nice to have a feature to tap the screen to count reps. Example: when completing rounds of excercises for time it would be nice to simply tap the screen or watch face to add a rep/ round count.
2. The ability to start stop time with watch


Hi, ever since I got this app there has been one main thing missing that I would use daily.

My idea is the option for a custom timer to begin automatically at a designated time/ set to an alarm.

I have found many uses for this app but if this feature was added I would be using it a lot more


Personally, I believe this is beyond the scope of the app. However, the app does have the ability to launch auto-starting timers via a URL. You could then use an actual scheduling app to to launch the timers.


Interesting suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind as I update the app.