HeavySet for iOS Release Notes


Version 2017.1

HeavySet is a smart workout tracker & gym log for strength training, bodybuilding and fitness. The workout log is simple to use, while still allowing complex programming for your strength training workout routines.

Just some of HeavySet’s many features:


The workout tracker in HeavySet is incredibly simple. HeavySet will anticipate what you want to enter, saving you from typing. The workout tracker displays progress graphs showing 1rm, or volume over time and will notify you when you set a personal record. The workout log will automatically switch exercises and start a rest timer upon logging sets.


HeavySet lets you create advanced workout routines whether your goal is bodybuilding or fitness. These can include supersets, giant sets, intensity, training max, AMRAP sets and more. Routines can be created and organized before heading to the gym. Or you can log workouts on the fly without a routine.


HeavySet makes it easy to view all logged workout sets, including max estimated 1rm and volume for each workout. You can check all your current and historic personal records per exercise. Even share your statistics on social media. Perfect for your keeping track of bodybuilding and fitness progress.


Whether you purchase the upgrades or not, HeavySet will always allow you to export your workouts, routines and exercises in CSV format. Within the app your can backup and restore your gym log using iCloud. You can use HeavySet to open and import CSV files from another gym tracker app (currently Strong, StrongLifts, GymBook and more. Other gym tracker apps may be added upon request).


Share your completed workout log with Apple Health. Read your bodyweight from Apple Health and auto assign to workouts. This allows you view your progress with bodyweight taken into consideration.
The screenshots represent the app after the intermediate user level has been purchased.



Version 2017.1.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version 2017.1.2

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version 2017.2

Amongst other things this update changes the limitations placed upon Novice users. From this version Novice users can use all the features of the app, but are limited to 5 workouts within 14 days.

Full change log:

  • Added new set editor where you can add notes, and RPE. As well as edit exercise, weight, reps, unit and time.
  • Added long press gesture to Log Set button to immediate navigate to set editor for the logged set.
  • Added historical workout inputting.
  • Added option to skip exercises during a routine.
  • Added option for reps and weight Smart Values to be assigned independently.
  • Added confirmation dialog when exiting workout logger.
  • Changed Apple Health sharing to include workout names.
  • Changed rest timer notification to be sent slightly earlier
  • Changed auto-timer behaviour.
  • Replaced 3rd party app importing with an online tool that can parse any CSV format.
  • Replaced share buttons with screenshot detection with share prompts.
  • Removed 10 day limit on editing/deleting old workouts.
  • Fixed importing units
  • Fixed app hanging when deleting some workouts
  • Fixed bodyweight using incorrect units
  • Fixed fields getting incorrect values when adding many exercises to a group

Historical workout inputting

The history screen can now be used to input historical workouts. Select the date you wish to add a new workout from the calendar, then tap the plus button. The Smart Values will still use values from your previous workouts for this date.

New Auto-Timer Behaviour

  • Any exercise with rest assigned will auto-start.
  • Exercises without rest assigned will do nothing.
  • Exercises not from a routine will auto-start if the option in the settings is set to on.

Importing CSV data from other apps

In the Settings there is now a link to an online CSV conversion tool. You can load your exported data, map the columns to the fields HeavySet requires, then export a new CSV file that HeavySet will import. If you do this on a device you can copy the new data and import it via the clipboard.


Version 2017.2.1

  • iOS 11 support.
  • Design changes.
  • Fixed bug with intensity calculations when using pounds.


Version 2017.2.2

  • Fixed crash in History view
  • Added inverted number pad option.


Version 2017.2.3

  • Increased hit area of edit buttons.


Version 2017.3

  • Added workout export in Markdown format.
  • Added rest timer alert volume setting
  • Added timer modifier time. (e.g +/-30 seconds)
  • Added heavyset:// scheme for launching app.
  • Added link to support forum
  • Added option to copy app settings to clipboard
  • Removed two preset times
  • Changed tab order.
  • Change calendar view layout
  • Fixed preview option for devices without 3D Touch.
  • Fixed crash when selecting all/none in root folder.


Version 2017.3.1

  • Fixed history layout issue on iOS 10.
  • Fixed restore from iCloud.
  • Fixed history selection for exporting.
  • Fixed timer modifier not saving.
  • Fixed exports containing duplicate or unnamed items.


Version 2018.1

  • Added plate calculator
  • Added tempo timer
  • Added tempo to routines
  • Added RPE to routines (as guide only)
  • Added option to edit current routine during workout.
  • Changed iCloud backup to occur upon leaving logger.
  • Removed email support in favour of forum.

The novice user limitation has been changed to only include routine based workouts. After that you can still improvise workouts until the restriction expires. Or upgrade of course :slight_smile:


Version 2018.1.1

  • Fixed plate calculator issues


Version 2018.1.2

  • Added long press gesture to tempo timer button to take you directly to tempo timer settings.
  • Added help text for tempo timer.
  • Fixed crash caused by tempo timer.


Version 2018.1.3

  • Switched set values in exercise history for consistency. Now listed as weight × reps.


Version 2018.2

  • Added help videos.
  • Added training max update options to routine exercises.
  • Added forward and back swipe gestures on the exercise selection button.
  • Added automatic removal of inventory items with 0 weight.
  • Added option to automatically backup to iCloud (defaults to true)
  • Changed start time of historic workouts to current time.
  • Changed auto-start tempo timer feature to only apply if tempo is assigned in routines.
  • Moved all setting into a settings sub-section.
  • Fixed resume bug in history.
  • Fixed issue modifying workout start time if no sets have been added.
  • Fixed tempo timer crash issue.


Version 2018.2.1

  • Changed automatic backup default to off to prevent accidental overwriting of the data.


Version 2018.3

  • Added light theme.
  • Significantly improved performance of record checking.
  • New incremental iCloud backup system.
  • Blazing fast restoring of iCloud backups, now with full data integrity.
  • Added plate calculator inventory to backups.