How to get distance when using apple watch



I’ve just bought the pro version to use on my Apple Watch which is working beautifully. Thanks for making an app where I can properly listen to music and have intervals going on the watch at the same time.

The only thing that is bugging me is that I can’t seem to get the distance to record in the Workouts in the Activity app after a Seconds Pro session is saved.

Is there something I need to do to turn that on or is it just not available with Seconds Pro?

Thanks in advance.


Distance is not currently supported.


Hi, are you planning on doing so as it’s a great app and would mean I don’t have to run the Apple Watch workout app at the same time? I can see the movement/distance information gets stored from the Watch while Seconds Pro is running so is it a case of associating that with the Seconds app?


There are no plans to add distance at present.


Hope distance will be in the app for Apple Watch.
Actually there is no apps for runners to run with intervals who catch distance, pace…
The best app is ProRun but crashes on Apple Watch :sweat:
Thanks for your great job!


Dealbreaker for me. Pro User; moving on.


Hi, any new plans yet? Really would like to go for a run with just my Apple Watch to capture distance…


It will probably be added at some point, but it’s not a priority at the moment.


+1 for distance please! It’s the only thing missing for me keeping this app from being my perfect go-to exercise app every day. I dislike not being able to see how far I went after an interval workout. Thanks!




Just signed up to say that „distance“ recording is missing! I hope u guys working on a solution to make this app even better.

The problem is there is no other way to record your distance in another app in the background (apple watch doesn‘t support multitasking)

Greetings from Germany.