Icloud backup


I was using secondspro previously. Made about 20 different very detailed timers on my phone. I lost the phone. Is there anyway to get those files back?
When I click on prior icloud backups in the app, it says successful, but my files are not there.




As long as the previous phone was making backups to iCloud one of the backups should have your previous data. The iCloud backups section needs improving as once new data is loaded a backup is made for that and appears in the list. Can you post a screenshot of the backups list?


Thanks for the help. I have back ups from June 2017 to May 8, 2018.

None of the backups appears to have any data associated with it.


I’ve just tested this. The issue is that the restore is happening, but the list is not updating. So what you need to do is restore one of your backups, then before you make any changes anywhere, terminate the app, and then reopen it.

Terminate the app by double tapping the Home button and swiping up on the screenshot.


Thank you.
It sounds like that will help me to ensure that future programs/workouts are not lost.
I guess there is no way to get back the other workouts I made??
Do you work for runloop?
There is a market waiting to be tapped…
Cyclists who want to upload workouts to their phone to get voice activated instructions through a workout. The market is huge. No one is filling this need. Check out the profit that online companies make by providing online workouts; zwift, trainerroad, trainingpeaks. The problem is that even though cyclists spend $300-500 on bike computers, there is still poor ability to upload programs to these devices. I would personally pay over $100 for a program that allowed me to easily download these customized online training programs into an app on my phone that allowed me to have voice guidance through the workout. The app would have to be able to run the same time of files that the programs use; .ERG, .MRC, .FIT, or .ZWO formats. To me, one of thousands of avid cyclists, this is a market waiting to be tapped. Secondspro seems closer to such a product than anyone I have seen.
Thanks for your help.


All those backups in your list will contain your workouts. You should restore one that is dated just before you lost your phone. Then terminate the app and restart it. The only issue here is the app is restoring the data but not refreshing the list. You can force it to load the correct data by doing as I am saying.

Yes, I do work for Runloop. It’s just me and my wife. I’ll look at the rest of your post tomorrow when I’m In the office and not on my phone.