Import data from other apps


Previously HeavySet would take CSV files exported from other apps and import their data. From version 2017.2 this is no longer the case.

The reason this function was removed is due to other apps export functions being broken, or inconsistent. Changes made to these formats or supporting additional formats required HeavySet app updates. This is not a scalable solution.

Runloop is still committed to allowing users to import data from other apps. The approach we are taking now is to let users convert their existing CSV files with our new CSV File Converter tool. This tool allows you to load in your existing CSV file, tell us what each column represents, then export a new HeavySet compatible CSV format which you can load into the app.


Hey there, I have a few concerns about the data import/export,

I bought a 16 week routine for a online trainer, which I wanted to import. It has 96 days in it, and varies quite a bit - so I didn’t think manually creating this in-app was going to be very productive.
I figured the easiest way to make the import easy was to export my current routines and mimic the structure exactly… which I did.

Trying to import I ran into some trouble:

  • I noticed the app cannot import it’s own exports (I tried this with an unedited csv)
  • Fields are missing on the CSV File Converter:
  1. Path
  2. Color
  3. Group
  4. Min Sets
  5. Max Sets
  6. Min Reps
  7. Max Reps
  8. Rest

I tried importing a zip as well, which actually does work (with the HeavySet Zip it exports), but doesn’t detect duplicated data at all.

Hopefully some of these could be tackled, as it would be hugely helpful the starting new training routines.

Thank you for you time, hopefully hear back from you soon :slight_smile:


There is no need to convert csv files exported from the app as they are already in the correct format.

You can export routines by sharing them. You can also import routines on their own. However, you must select HeavySet Routines from the source option in the import settings. If you import from an exported file it should pick this up automatically but if you create your own csv it won’t.

The app doesn’t make assumptions about whether a workout is a duplicate or not. I thought it was a given that you wouldn’t import your existing data.


Hey there
The import was just some confusion, because it doesn’t seem to work unless I work with the entire zip. I did manage to get it right.

No worries on the duplication, luckily i didn’t have much to remove.

Great App! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the response


It should work for the individual files of the export. But you must select the correct source from the list. All the zip does is bundle them together and then run through them individually.


My friend send me a CSV of his workout routine to work out and track with him.
Basically it was just a full export of the 2 workouts.

However, trying to import there is no nothing anywhere I’m seeing for source in a HeavySet format.
I’m Intermediate, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

I’m happy to send along the CSV but I’m not seeing the option in the menus to “re-import” an exported HeavySet CSV from the options. I’d love to be able to just “type out” routines into a CSV in the HeavySet layout and import – it’s a lot easier to share with friends and tweak from a keyboard.

Trying to import from clipboard throws errors as it’s “missing dates” even though this is straight out of what HeavySet exports.



To import CSV files exported from HeavySet you just have to choose to open the file in whatever app you are viewing it in. Then choose Copy to HeavySet. If it doesn’t appear straight away you may need to choose Open in… first.

This is a pretty standard way of opening files in iOS given that developers are not given access to files outside their own sandbox.


The link to the converter should be changed, as it leads to a wrong domain.


But I have a different question.

I have some data from the past that I collected in a personal spreadsheet file. I would like to convert it to CSV but I do not know what is the correct way to structure my somewhat chaotic notes.

How can I obtain such information?

I have precisely logged: date, exercise name, number of series and number of reps per series.


The converter requires a CSV with 1 row per set. Each set needs a date, workout name, exercise name, number of reps, and a weight.