Latest release broke?


For last two weeks, on iOS iPhone 6s, voice prompts are being cut off early, and intermittently the music does not return to full volume after voice fade. Whole experience has been ruined with app, so hoping for quick fix. Thank you.


Please provide an exact list of steps to reproduce the issue. If possible recording a video of the issue would help enormously as well.


Inconsistent fading in and out.
Cut off text.
Here’s a video link.
Thank you!


Hi, following up on this. The app has been a really frustrating experience for the last two months or so. I really miss it!



I didn’t get a reply on this, so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now I’m being told I have to re-buy the app or it won’t return my timers.

I already paid for this, and have spent months fighting with it, after spending months setting it up to use it twice daily. Very frustrated. Please help.


If you are using the same App Store account you should download the same version you previously had. If that was the paid app, download that again for free. If it was the free app, download it again, tap on the upgrade notice and then tap Restore Purchases.