Purchased seconds pro


I purchased the seconds pro app on May 1, 2017… I just got a new phone and the app didnt transfer to the new phone. I shows in my apps but I cant click on it to install on new phone.



I also emailed, but the email is not being monitored.


What device did you have and what is the new one?


I figured it out reading your other post. I have to restore from the free version. Thanks for your help… love the app.


Hello, I have the same issue. I recently got an iPhone 8+ and while I was able to ‘sync purchases’, all my previous Seconds Pro timers are gone. How do I get those back?


Seconds does not sync across devices. If you had enabled iCloud backups from within the settings you can restore your timers from there. If not, the only way to access you timers is to export them from the old device and import them on the new one.

Here’s a video explaining how:


Hello, thank you for the reply and the video. I did use iCloud to back up and restore my new phone but I am not sure Seconds was checked in that back up. Does this mean I lost all 20+ timers I had saved on my pro account. That is very disappointing. Nothing can be done now?


If you no longer have access to the old device that is the case. But if you had not granted Seconds permission to write to iCloud there is nothing else that could have been done.


I upgraded to Seconds Pro yesterday but it did not upgrade on my phone. On my Apple account it says Pending and the $ was taken from my account. No order # was given to me and Apple said to contact the Developer. I go to retore purchases and it does not show I upgraded to Seconds Pro. I’m not a techy person but I’ve never had problems upgrading an app.


I don’t know why Apple would send you to me. They handle purchases. Until they notify the app that it has been purchased the app cannot do anything.


I’ll contact them again but I’m starting to get frustrated.


I understand. But from my side of things there is nothing I can do to help at the moment. If the purchase is pending this is something for Apple. Once it goes through the app will either upgrade straight away, or you will be able to Restore the purchase to get the upgrade. But until that point there is nothing I can do to help.


Hi. I switched from iOS to Android and am having a hard time finding out how to get my previous account back up and running. Do I have to pay again because it’s a different system or is it transferable


That is very disappointing. It seems there should be another way that data is stored and/or it should have been made more clear to the user.

I am not happy with this answer and very disappointed to know I have lost 20+ custom timers.


I purchased Seconds Pro before and now can’t use the purchased version. I don’t care if I’ve lost timers… just that I can use the program on my new iPad. Please advise.


If you are using the same App Store account you should download the same version you previously had. If that was the paid app, download that again for free. If it was the free app, download it again, tap on the upgrade notice and then tap Restore Purchases.