RepMax and Suggested Weights


I’m considering purchasing HeavySet, but trying to understand how the app works. So far, love it almost as much as SecondsPro which I use during every workout.

I assume you don’t need to edit your training max for each exercise everytime you increase your # of reps. It will automatically suggest weights based on your most recent workout.

It doesn’t seem to be doing that at least after a couple of workouts. I’ve set a max weight and the intensity at 80%. However at the next workout, it’s suggesting the same amount of weight.



Actually, the idea of a training max is a value you set for a particular exercise for a block of training. That block could be 1 week or more often longer than that. You would then create the routines using intensity values that ramp up over time.

HeavySet makes no attempt to guess you programming. It’s not going to tell you when to increase weight or reps.

I’ve written a post explaining how this all works here


Thanks so much for the quick response, Dan.

A thought for a feature in the future might be that you can easily set your training max weight to your estimated 1repmax. I’ll be your beta tester!

Great app!!!


This would be nice. I’ve got 5x5 exercises setup and would love if my last set would give the option of saving to training max.


@Rob_Hair @Dpods I still think basing workouts of the estimated 1rm is going to produce some weird and unpredictable results. However, there seems to be demand for this so I’m going to add the following as an experiment:

Within a routine I’m going to see if it’s possible to add two new options within a exercise prescription.

  1. Update training max on completion
  2. Only update if higher.

This would limit the updating of the training max only to a particular set. And also protect you from lowering the training max accidentally, should you wish.



Your suggestion sounds great. What is your thought on a popup that queries on whether user wants the max updated? Maybe it’s getting a little too complicated, but I’m envisioning on the last set of 5 x 5s where I might get a new record popup (e.g. 9 reps of .85 intensity), giving me an option to save as new max? But, that’s getting a little situational and not everyone has exercises setup the same.


This is something I don’t think many people will use. As such I’m not going to bother anyone about updating their max with a popup.


Maybe I’m missing another technique. But currently updating my max for all exercises on a weekly basis is a little tedious. Maybe I just have one that I need to update, but I need to look through every exercise to determine that.

I wouldn’t consider a popup bothersome, it’s putting liability on the user rather than yourself. I was thinking it’s the same as your option 2 - increase max if higher (only you would getting affirmation from user, rather than an auto change).

Another option might be to highlight exercises in a certain color where you can quickly and easily see which ones might need Max’s updated?


I see what you mean. I guess that could work.

So if you’ve opted in to have the training max updated (higher or not) once the sets are complete, a popup can appear - with the max 1rm of the sets pre-filled - for you to confirm or edit the new training max.


@Rob_Hair @Dpods

I’ve been working on this and have come up with the following:

Now within a routine exercise you get an Update Training Max option. This has the following values:

  • Do not update
  • Manual update
  • Manual update with 1rm
  • Manual update with, 1rm only if greater
  • Automatic with 1rm
  • Automatic with 1rm, only if greater

All of the manual options will present a popup, this comes with a placeholder with your existing training max. And you can change the value to update the training max.

The auto options update the training max without any input.

This will only occur with if you have assigned max sets to the group and the set you logged is the last set.

I think this should satisfy most requirements.



Dan - First, I want to thank you for adding this option. I immediately modified my exercises and have been using it. Unfortunately I encounter an issue when I get a rep record. It doesn’t give the option to update max if the rep record pops up, assuming it heads to another area of code and misses the max update option. I did post this a week or so ago on within the test flight app, but I guess that links to an old email address. Again, thanks for the update!


I’ll need to look into this.


I just downloaded the update and have adjusted my workouts to utilize this new feature. Really thrilled that I won’t have to manually update my training max. This will help me use the heaviest weights I can and stimulate muscle growth.

This app already simplified and acceleratesd my workout logging and now it will save time helping me plan the next workout based on revised 1repmax.