Upgrade for more than one device


I had to upgrade to seconds pro on my iPhone. Do I also get it on my iPad?


Yes, all devices that are logged into the same app store account get access to the app.


Hi Dan
So does one download the upgraded version via the Play Store or will the normal version work as well?


The Play Store and the iOS App Store have difference user accounts. You will need to purchase the app for both.


the seconds pro app installed on my Ipad after I upgraded on my iphone. However, it is asking me to upgrade. There is no option other than to pay. also, does my sample timers get transferred to the upgrade? The upgrade has a completely different interface.


No, timers are not transferred automatically. You need to export them from the old device and import them on the other device.

Here’s a video explaining how:

There are two apps Seconds and Seconds Pro. Both have the same features once paid for but they are not interchangeable. If you purchased Seconds Pro you will need to download that one again from the App Store:

If you bought the in-app purchase via the free app Seconds, then you will need to download that version again and upgrade in the app by tapping the upgrade notice then tapping Restore Purchases.


thank you for the video explaining exporting times from other devices. You did not address the issue that I have with using the updated seconds pro on my ipad. The app did transfer to my Ipad but I don’t see anyway to use it without upgrading again.


I tried to address that here:


i had the seconds app and bought the in-app purchase. I don’t understand what you mean when you say I need to download the version again. Do you mean download it again on the device( MY Ipad ) that I am trying to transfer the upgrade to?


There are two versions. Sometimes people get confused and download the free version and wonder why they cannot upgrade. It’s because they didn’t buy that, they bought the paid download.

If you are sure you bought the in-app purchase you just need to tap the upgrade notice, then tap Restore Purchases.


I have both seconds and seconds pro apps on my ipad now. The seconds pro app on my Ipad didnt have the workouts that I have on my seconds app. The same is true of my iphone. I did manage to import the files into the seconds pro app on both of my devices from the seconds app. I know that I upgraded from inside the seconds app but there is no upgrade notice on the seconds pro app. I guess it doesn’t really matter since it seems that I was able to get my workouts onto both of my devices. Im just trying to understand what happened.


The only way to have Seconds Pro on your device was to pay again. If you didn’t pay for it again then you must have previously purchased it. Which would lead me to think you didn’t pay for the in-app upgrade. This would be backed up by the fact you say it’s not upgrading.


I paid for and am using Seconds Pro on my iPhone 6s and iPad mini 2 without problems. I tried to use it on my Iphone 4c (IOS 9.3.1) and it wouldn’t give me an opportunity to get the Pro version without paying for it again. How can I transfer the Pro version without paying for it again? At the moment I don’t have any version on my IPhone 4c. thank you